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เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive

เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive
เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 1เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 2เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 3เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 4เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 5เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 6เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 7เอฟเฟ็ค Orge ( เอฟเฟ็ค Super hero จากเกาหลี ) เสียง Tubeholic Overdrive thumbnail 8
รหัสสินค้า Tubeholic Overdrive
หมวดหมู่ Orge (super hero effect from Korean)
ราคาปกติ 6,500.00 บาท
ลดเหลือ 5,525.00 บาท
สถานะสินค้า พร้อมส่ง
อัพเดทล่าสุด 3 ก.ค. 2558
ความพึงพอใจ ยังไม่มีความคิดเห็น
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    • As you can see from the name on it, the Tubeholic overdrive is an overdrive effect pedal which succeeds a historic and traditional overdrive pedal, realizing the overdrive sound from a vacuum tube rich in warm and harmonic constituents.

      Besides, the Tubeholic overdrive is one of the masterpieces from OGRE to become the legend of a new overdrive pedal in this period.

      As well as unique enclosure design may not be seen on any other effect pedals, the sliding-type cockpit head cover system, which is the first adopted in the world, is an exclusive design and system devised by OGRE in order to protect without distracting players’ tone setting developed for a long time during the wild play at the stage. 

      And a wider frequency band than that of current tube sound overdrive, strong gain and high output level, a long sustain sound, which shows genuine value during the solo play, and symmetrical clipping tone using the NOS diode can be enough for many players to experience a new world of overdrive tone never felt on overdrives before.

      The player can use it as a clean boost, not only the traditional overdrive setting but also the powerful overdrive tone setting, which is matched the music in this period. Thus, the player himself can widen more the range of his own overdrive tone making.


    • 1) High gain & long sustain - Capable of displaying its genuine value at any solo play

      2) Clean boost - Controls the boost amount by level after setting gain at minimum

      3) Enclosure - Using a highly durable enclosure with original design manufactured by die casting method

      4) Cockpit head cover - Adopting a sliding-type cockpit head cover system in order to protect the setting status from outside access

      5) LED display - Two blue LED windows with high visibility are used as effect-on displays

      6) Knob - Adopting a knob with original design convenient for tone and volume control

      7) True bypass - As all effect pedals from OGRE are true bypass, there is no loss of guitar tone while effector is off

      8) Switch - Using a pedal-type switching method instead of metal knob of a mechanical switch

      9) PCB - Constructing the switch, input / output jack, and all the circuits on one board in order to minimize
                  the interference sound by the wiring connection

      10) Hand-made - The hand-made effect pedal produced after thorough quality control

       Controls : Level / Tone / Gain
       Connectors : Input / Output / DC input
       Effect on : Press the pedal switch to turn on the effect(the LED indicator lights up)
       Input Impedance : 500KΩ 
       Output Impedance : 10KΩ 
       Power Consumption : 6.5mA (Power on)
       Power Supply : DC 9V 006P / 9V(constant voltage) AC adapter (center minus plug)
       Dimensions : 89mm(W) X 141mm(D) X 72mm(H)
       Weight : 440g (without battery)

  • ① Level

    Controls the output volume.

    The volume would become higher when it is turned clockwise.

    ② Tone

    Controls the color of the sound. The tone color would be focused on

    high and sharp when it is turned clockwise,focused on low

    when it is turned counter clockwise.

    ③ Gain

    Controls amount of the overdrive. When it is turned clockwise,

    the smoother and rougher overdrive tone with longer sustain

    and higher level will be produced

    ④ LED Display

    When effect works, LED will be turned on. During bypass,

    LED will be turned off.

    ⑤ Pedal Switch

    The pedal-type switch for operating effect on/off.

  • ⑥ Input Jack

    The input terminal connecting

    the plug from the cable which

    is connected to a guitar

    ※ Take the plug out while not

    using the plug, or the

    battery will be drained up

    as the input jack also works

    as a power switch.

    ⑦ Output Jack

    The output terminal which is

    connected to an amp or

    ther effect pedal.

  • ⑧ Adapter Jack

    The terminal which is connected to the AC adapter

    ※ The AC adapter should be the 9V adapter for pedal use only or the 9V adapter with a constant voltage output method.

    Besides, you should also check the center is – (minus).

    ⑨ Battery Cover

    Battery change by opening the cover

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เปิดร้าน22 ม.ค. 2558
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